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Managed Service Offerings

24 x 7 x 365 Remote Monitoring
We monitor your network, so we can address most problems before they affect your business. With our industry leading monitoring software we can track the performance of your network in real time. We track you servers/workstations performance, disk space, back up systems and so much more.
Today's computer viruses change and adapt with little to no warning, anti-virus software needs to update in real time to respond to threats and protect your network. That is why we include anti-virus with every level of service we offer.
Anti-Spam / Email Filtering
A large majoity of network intrusions and viruses are transmitted through email.  Our services can protect you by including perimeter based filtering systems that can stop spam before it gets to your inbox.
Help Desk
Our friendly in -house help desk staff can resolve most computer issues remotely. This saves you time when there is an issue getting your people back to work fast.
Onsite Support
Whether it’s to resolve the issue or implement that upgrade, when you need us we will be there.  Be it scheduled support or emergency service our onsite staff has you covered.

What is a Contract CTO?

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

An executive-level position in a company or organization who is focused on scientific and technological issues that affect operations, process, and productivity.

Why do you need one?

A CTO tracks the every changing technology that seems to evolve every day. They work with the CEO and leadership team to develop strategies that are used to make organizations more efficient and help them accomplish their business goals. Every business needs a CTO, but most small businesses can’t afford one. T4 Technologies fills that role. As your contract CTO, we learn your business and how the technology you currently use affects your day to day operations. We work with you to develop a technology plan based on your business drivers and goals.

Our Job is to give all of the information so you can decide what is best your business, not sell a cookie cutter one size fits all solution.

Technology is a set of tools, we make sure you have the tools you need, so you can focus on your business!


Call or email us today to discuss what type of plan fits you and your business.

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